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The laboratory carries out calibrations of thermal, Electro-technical, mechanical measuring  instruments in a manner that complies with requirements of ISO, clients and regulatory  authority, where applicable.

We have permanent calibration activities in Mumbai. We also perform on-site calibration at clients'premises, as and when required. The quality management system laid down and  practiced by us covers operations at the permanent facility as well as on-site.

We have technically qualified & well experienced personnel for calibration activities. They are  fully trained to perform calibration activities and maintain quality management system. we  improve ourselves by adopting International standard for calibration and testing laboratory ISO/IEC 17025(NABL), so that they can detect departure from its laid down policies & procedures.

For calibration we provide NPL traceability certificate through NABL & ERTL.

We offer the Calibration facilities under one roof for following equipments:

Marine equipments

ODME – Make: VF Instruments, SERES, JOWA, MARPOIL


OWS 15 PPM Monitor

Master Pressure / Temperature Calibrator

Fixed Gas Detection System

Cargo Hose Pressure Testing

Portable Gas Detector

Vapour Pressure Monitoring System

Fire Alarm System

Oil Mist Detector


Temperature Mapping

Environmental (Temperature/Humidity) Mapping

Whether in a lab, in the manufacturing process, or in a distribution/storage warehouse, critical temperature and humidity requirements exist. Performance Validation offers competitive Temperature and Humidity Mapping solutions. Whether you require support to complement your in-house team, or have a need to outsource an entire project, we can help. By utilizing our competent and experience resources, Performance Validation offers competitive, cost effective business solutions.

Our Solution

http://www.bharattech.co.in/userfolder/tempreture_mapping.jpgCompetencies-Performance Validation has provided environmental mapping support for wide ranging applications to numerous clients in many industries. 

Project Approach-Performance Validation has the flexibility and experience to offer varying levels of support, depending on our clients resources and capabilities.

Turn-key Solutions : Onsite project completion from strategy, to document elopement, through mapping, execution, and problem resolution.

Off-Site Support : Our mapping protocol templates, based on industry standards, can be utilized along with off-site programming and downloading of data loggers for a cost 
effective yet compliant solution.

Temperature Mapping under one roof for following equipments:

1. Auto clave

4. Dry heat stabilizer

2. Cooking Smoking chamber

5. DE freezers

3. Stability chamber

6. Industrial vacuum oven


In every process in the food and pharma manufacturing industry, where temperature is a parameter of the process, temperature mapping is required.

The purpose of temperature mapping is to ensure that all areas of the process equipment achieve the required temperature. The outcome of the test is a temperature map defining the cold spot of the process equipment. It is necessary to perform temperature mapping in process equipment such as autoclaves (retorts), cooking/smoking chambers, dry heat sterilizers, stability chambers, EtO chambers, warehouses, etc.

Temperature mapping must be run with the process equipment both empty and fully loaded. The process equipment must be mapped annually, with every new product configuration and after every modification of the process equipment.

The typical procedure of temperature mapping starts with a pre-calibration of the measuring equipment. The measuring equipment is then set-up inside the process equipment. Then the process cycle is started and the measuring equipment logs data. A post-calibration check of the measuring equipment completes the mapping.

To conduct temperature mapping, three runs are recommended. This includes one initial test and two replicates. If there are variations between the three tests, run a 3rd replication. For temperature mapping, at least 12 measuring points per run are recommended.

Data loggers are a versatile and reliable replacement or supplement for cable-based data acquisition systems and ideal for mapping/validation. Data loggers provide high accuracy temperature.

Data loggers are ideal for standalone applications like validation/monitoring and mapping, primary system back-up, and critical product transport. No charts, wires, connections or power cords are required.

A data logger is a device that can be used to store data. However, most instrument manufacturers consider a data logger as a standalone device that can read various types of electrical signals and store the data in an internal memory for a later download to a computer. The advantage of data loggers is that they can operate independently from a computer, unlike many other types of data acquisition devices.


Data loggers offer huge flexibility and are available with a great variety of input types. Most data loggers collect data which may be directly transferred to a computer. Data loggers can collect data independently from a computer. Data is normally collected in a non-volatile memory. The computer does not need to be present during the data collection process. This makes them ideally suited for applications requiring portability.


Flow meter calibration



  •  Pipe Sizes from 2" to 8" pipe lines. 
  •  Flow Rates 1.5 m3/hr to 240 m3/hr. 
  •  Measurement capability +/- 0.5%. 
  •  Site Calibration using by Ultrasonic Flow Meter
     Pipe Size Dia 13mm to 6000mm


Temperaure Calibration

Temperature : All types of RTDs & Thermocouples


Electrical Calibration

Ammeters/Voltmeters (Digital or Analog)

Current transformers/DC shunts

Megger / Insulation testers

Multi meter, AC/DC clamp meter

High Voltage Testers

Mains frequency meters

Earth Contact/Leakage current tester

Electrode drying / baking oven

Resistivity Meter

KW Meter


Scope of Calibration

PRESSURE 0 to 1000 bar
VACUUM (-0.9) to 0 bar
TEMPERATURE (-38) to 1000°C
RH 10 – 90%RH
ELECTRO-TECHNICAL Source and Measure:
1000 VDC
750 VAC
1000 ADC
1000 AAC
100 MΩ(DC)
100 kHz
TEMPERATURE All types of RTDs &
FLOW – in house & site calibration facility All type of Flow Meter
Range 1.5 to 240 m³/h
TIME Up to 24 hrs
(Contact & Noncontact)
150 to 18000 RPM
MASS Up to 150 kg
VOLUME 1µl to 150 liters
FORCE 500 kN (T & C)
2000 kN (C)
TORQUE 1000 Nm
DIMENSION  Up to 600 mm
CONDUCTIVITY & pH At Selected Points